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Elena Kirtcheva
Vienna Economic Forum
FMRS´ Special Ambassador

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Barbara Kolm
Austrian Economics Center
FMRS Founder

It is not enough to preach the division of labor academically. You have to practice it. This is what the FMRS has specifically done for years – building a network of likeminded individuals and institutions who collaborate on an international level with one common goal: individual freedom, and a prosperous society.

A warm welcome to former Ambassador of Bulgaria to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Finland, and Austria, the founder and Secretary General of the most prestigious Vienna Economic Forum, Dr. Elena Kirtcheva and thank you for joining forces with the FMRS Family!


The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is a research intensive university that organizes study programs and scientific research in the fields of Economic Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Sociology and Humanities. ASE is considered the most important economic higher education institution from Romania and one of the most renown economic universities in South-Eastern Europe.

In its over 100 years of existence, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies has gained national and international prestige. Numerous academics and graduates have been recognized as outstanding personalities, as they have become academics and researchers in prestigious world universities, members of the Romanian Academy of Sciences and of other national and international scientific fora, or of private or public organizations, parliamentary, government or diplomatic institutions.


The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM) was established on 25 September 1991 pursuant to Decision no. 537 of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. From its establishment, AESM has successfully evolved in all these years. AESM materialized the aspirations of many generations in the field of economic education and research who strived toward an autonomous higher education institution. It enabled the integration of higher economic education and scientific research, as well as the vertical integration of different levels of education ranging from pre-university and university to post-university.

Commitment to high quality education, advanced scientific research, life-long development and ability to adapt to the society’s requirements rank ASEM the largest institution of higher economic education in the Republic of Moldova. Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM) is the main educational institution with economic profile in Moldova and cooperates with over 150 universities world-wide. Since 1991, striving for excellence, the ASEM takes unique initiatives to stimulate high standards in education, internationally competitive research and entrepreneurial approach. With over 10.000 students and 1000 academic staff, the university enjoys a high prestige at national and international level. The ASEM became the first student-centred university in Moldova, once the Bologna Process was put into practice.


The Acton Institute is a think tank whose mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles.

American University in Bulgaria

The first American-style, English language, liberal arts educational institution in Eastern Europe, the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is a unique cooperative venture established with the support of the U.S. and Bulgarian governments, the Open Society Institute, and the University of Maine.

AUBG is a privately funded, not-for-profit institution. Tuition and private donations, as well as grants, finance its educational activities. It opened its doors in September 1991, with a first-year class of 208 students and 16 full-time faculty members.

Since then, the lively town of Blagoevgrad in southwest Bulgaria has become a cradle of academic excellence, creativity and cultural diversity. Nowadays, around 1100 curious, committed and talented students from over 40 countries come together to live and study in a supportive and secure community and immerse themselves in our first-rate American liberal arts education.

World-class faculty members come from top schools in five continents to create an innovative and real-world learning environment that’s unique in Europe.

Americans for Tax Reform 1

ATR was founded in 1985 by Grover Norquist at the request of President Reagan.

We believe in a system in which taxes are simpler, flatter, more visible, and lower than they are today. The government’s power to control one’s life derives from its power to tax. We believe that power should be minimized.

Asociacion Liberal de Estudiantes

1. Foster in students the values and knowledge of liberalism, with the foundational principles of liberal democracy, equality before the law, non-aggression, and the defense of the right to life, liberty, and property.

2. Collaborate within the student community to spread knowledge about their rights and responsibilities.

3. Support university political participation in the internal life of the institutions.

4. Organize activities, talks, and informational seminars.

5. Advocate for a university model that promotes personal and professional growth, aiming for quality education and a promising career future.

6. Promote encounters and collaboration with various university associations within the EU.

Ayn Rand Center Israel

Ayn Rand Center Israel (ARCI) is a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting the philosophy of Ayn Rand in Israel and the Middle East.

As part of the Center’s activities, and for the first time in Israel, we are holding a Hebrew essay contest on Ayn Rand’s books with prizes and awards. Moreover, ARCI organizes events and lectures for student clubs and other organizations and offers courses to the general public. In another area of activities that revolves around public policy, ARCI morally and intellectually supports the The Israeli Freedom movement and also addresses the Arabic-speaking public in the Middle East with a selection of Arabic translations of philosophical writings of Ayn Rand.

Ayn Rand Centre Romania

Ayn Rand Centre Romania is an organization that is dedicated to creating a culture whose guiding principles are reason, rational self-interest, individualism and free trade through awareness, understanding and acceptance of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.

Ayn Rand Centre UK

Promoting cultural change inspired by Ayn Rand’s philosophy.

aier logo2 1

Through the Bastiat Society program, AIER makes the ideas that enable peaceful trade and human flourishing available to the everyday business person. We are a global network of passionate professionals promoting freedom.


Ben Gurion University of the Negev is one of Israel’s leading research universities and among the world leaders in many fields.

It has around 20,000 students and 4,000 faculty members in the Faculties of Engineering Sciences; Health Sciences; Natural Sciences; the Pinchas Sapir Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management; the Joyce and Irving Goldman School of Medicine; the Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Studies; The School of Brain sciences and Cognition​; The School of Sustainability and Climate Change​ and Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies. More than 100,000 alumni play important roles in all areas of research and development, industry, health care, the economy, society, culture and education in Israel.

Bendukidze Free Market Center

Bendukidze Free Market Center (BFMC) is an independent Ukrainian think tank created in 2015 by friends and supporters of the prominent reformer Kakha Bendukidze to promote the ideas of liberty, limited open government and free market. The mission of BFMC is to unleash Ukraine’s economic potential through policy recommendations, research, and educational programs that promote self-reliance, responsibility and equal rules for everyone.

BFMC was founded by Oleksandr Danylyuk, the former Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Mikheil Saakashvili, the former President of Georgia, Yuliya Tychkivska, the Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Kyiv, and Volodymyr Fedoryn, the former Editor of Forbes Ukraine.

Brussels Report

Brussels Report is a website dedicated to news and analysis covering European Union policy, Eurozone affairs and Investment, supporting a free market policy perspective, opposing EU centralisation.


Our mission is to inspire, inform and educate individuals to create a freer and more independent life.


The Centre for Free Economic Thought is the Estonian Business School’s think tank devoted to the study of free markets in the classical liberal and Austrian Economics traditions.

The Estonian Business School has a strong focus on entrepreneurship in a digital world, and therefore the Centre focuses on the theoretical and practical approaches to the creation of value and the wealth of nations through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Additionally, we cannot forget our history, as Estonia suffered the ravages of socialism for so many years, to later choose liberalism and finally develop into a leading entrepreneurial and digital society. On year 2021 we remember and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the independence of Estonia from the socialist Soviet Union.

At the Centre for Free Economic Thought we endeavour to foster a free society of free individuals through education and open discussion of ideas.

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Centre UEK is a new unit at Cracow University of Economics (CUE), which delivers professional service and help to foreign students, especially to the new-enrolled ones and candidates, but also guests and doctoral students.

The main idea of the project is to enhance the access to information for the international community coming to CUE and to shape the attitudes of openness and tolerance throughout the academic environment.

Welcome Centre UEK is responsible for providing the necessary information on the structure of the University, its administrative procedures and competences of individual University units. Additionally, it can help you learn about the educational offer, CUE infrastructure, and share information in foreign languages about Krakow and Poland.

Circulo Liberal Bastiat

Liberal group based in Sevilla (Spain), founded in 2011 which aims to contribute to generate a real liberal alternative to the European mainstream economic thought. This group has the clear objective of making a significant contribution in changing people’s perception of the intervention of the state in economy and in our lives in general. To achieve this objective, the main activity of the organization is the divulgation and defence of the ideas of liberty, directly and by helping other individuals and groups spreading the ideas of liberty in social and conventional media.

for logo

Civil Development Forum (FOR) is a non-profit free-market think tank based in Poland promoting and, if needed, defending economic freedom, rule of law, individual liberties, private property, entrepreneurial activities, and ideas of limited government. FOR contributes to policy-making and public debate through fact-based research and regular media presence.

logoCompetere 600x98 1

At Competere we want to understand the present in order to imagine and design a smarter future by developing policies and business models that foster innovation. By enhancing the public debate on what will be relevant issues we aim to promote prosperity, increasing freedoms and improving the coexistence of citizens. We rely on science and the experimental method to produce facts and pursue evidence that support smart and sustainable solutions for a broader open society. We are a community of curious, creative and entrepreneurial citizens.

Danube Institute

The Danube Institute was established by the Batthyány Lajos Foundation in 2013 in Budapest, with the aim of encouraging the transmission of ideas and people within the countries of Central Europe and between Central Europe, other parts of Europe, and the English-speaking world. The Institute itself has been committed from its foundation to three philosophical loyalties: a respectful conservatism in cultural, religious, and social life, the broad classical liberal tradition in economics, and a realistic Atlanticism in national security policy. These ideals remain our lodestars. More recently, we have added a fourth commitment: exploring and extending the related concepts of democracy and patriotism. We believe that the nation-state offers the only sure foundation for democracy, and that a tolerant civic nationalism the only basis for a successful democratic internationalism. Nation-states are the building blocks of internationalism. Both are to be distinguished from supra- or trans-nationalism which embody the ambition to transcend them but which have so far failed to match them in democratic accountability. Our methods of developing and transmitting these ideas are research, analysis, publication, debate, and scholarly exchanges. Our primary audience is the universe of centre-right intellectuals, political leaders, and public-spirited citizens. But we will also engage our counterparts on the democratic center-left in vigorous and principled public debate on as many occasions as possible and appropriate. We hope to draw upon the best minds of our day across national boundaries in international forums. Debate itself is our fifth commitment. It is a vital catalyst in building a democratic society. In line with these commitments we will: establish and support research groups and research projects to interpret and advance current thinking within conservatism and democratic nationalism; encourage the exchange of scholars, political leaders, and cultural figures through international conferences and exchange fellowships here in Hungary; engage young people interested in science, scholarship, and political ideas and help them to enter and influence wider public debate; and in general encourage relevant discussions on matters of importance to Hungary on both a domestic and an international level.

Economic Fundamentals Initiative

The Economic Fundamentals Initiative was established in 2019 to promote economic literacy and champion free market economics across Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Its first project is the regionalization, translation and free distribution of “Common Sense Economics”, a classic introduction to free market economics. A growing network of country partners delivers online and offline programs to encourage readers to explore the book and to think like common sense economists. Currently active in Albania and Kosovo, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan with new editions in Azerbaijani, Kazakh and Kyrgyz available from spring 2022.

European Confederalist Society

The “European Confederalist Society” aims to gather academics, writers and those participating to the policy debate that support decentralisation in the European Union, respect for the ability of the EU’s 27 democracies to make their own choices and oppose ever greater transfers of power to the central European Union policy level.

Over the years, the European Union has evolved into an entity with aspects of both a Federation and a Confederation with the federal elements being reinforced during successive rounds of treaty change. The European Confederalist Society strives to reform the European Union into something resembling a confederation.

European Liberal Forum logo

The European Liberal Forum (ELF) is the official political foundation of the European Liberal Party, the ALDE Party. Together with 48 member organisations, we work all over Europe to bring new ideas into the political debate, to provide a platform for discussion, and to empower citizens to make their voices heard. Since 2007, our work has been guided by liberal ideals and a belief in the principle of freedom. We stand for a future-oriented Europe that offers opportunities for every citizen.

Foundation Source of Hope

The foundation, through its work and scholarship programs for students, aims to provide adequate support for the achievement of their best educational and developmental outcomes. These individuals, in turn, through their future work and social engagement, will represent the homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina in all crucial societal aspects, and with their knowledge and moral qualities, serve as a positive example and role model in society.

Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation

Our mission is to educate a new generation of leaders, offering them the knowledge and skills necessary for professional development in the process of realizing the ideals of a free society. In our vision, Poland is a country where libertarian leaders guard a voluntarily organized society, support limited government and the rule of law, and effectively prevent the growth of state power.


FHI is a Romanian libertarian think-tank, that aims to disseminate the ideas and the work of Austrian economist and philosopher Friedrich von Hayek, in order to cultivate the idea of individual freedom, to defend free society, democracy and market economy.

Among others, its activities include publication of books, conferences and public debates in order to spread and defend libertarian values.

FHI Romania has proudly been part of FMRS since 2015.

logo1 Flavius Rovinaru

The mission of our community, assumed in 1920, redefined and reassumed in 2016, is outlined by three distinct perspectives: the academic dimension, the research-development-innovation dimension and the dimension of the relationship with society and the active role within it . This state of fact, proven over time, gives the necessary premises to further develop, as it should, a unique perspective on how an academic community can exist, manifest itself and contribute to defining and expressing a nation.


We evaluate, through research, the effects of economic and social policies, communicate them to public opinion and propose alternatives. In this way, we help citizens make up their own minds, make decisions based on as much information as possible, and therefore, with greater freedom. We also spur a dynamic civil society so that it can establish a dialogue with state powers one-to-one. Civil society, we believe, should be involved and heard when it comes to designing public policy, so that they can be tailor-made for the citizen. In just this way, citizens get to exercise individual liberty and contribute to overall prosperity.

The cornerstone of our values ​​is freedom, the exercise of which must be defended and encouraged, without blinding ourselves to the fact that responsibility is its inherent condition. Freedom of this sort must be preserved in all its forms, particularly freedom of expression, freedom of education and economic freedom, all fundamental elements for the prosperity of the society.

For freedom to flourish, rule of law is essential. However, the state’s size ought to be limited and its performance based on subsidiarity and spending efficiency. As for the taxpayer, he has the right to demand that taxes be fair and moderate, and that they do not discourage entrepreneurship. Along these lines, we advocate for clear and nimble legislation that does not hinder private initiative while securing legal guarantees.

Hayek Institut

The Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institute is a Vienna-based think tank dedicated to the work of Hayek and the theories of the “Austrian School of Economics”. The aim of its activities is to disseminate knowledge about this school of thought to the public, to answer current questions based on its teachings, and to promote liberal thinking and action.


Institute of Economic and Social Studies is a non-governmental and apolitical independent think tank in Bratislava, Slovakia. INESS monitors the functioning and financing of the public sector, evaluates the effects of legislative changes on the economy and society, conducts in-depth analyses and drafts reform proposals, and comments on current economic and social issues. It is the most frequently quoted Slovak economic think tank in broadcast and print media.

Institut Ostrom

The Ostrom Institute is a grassroots nonpartisan think tank and policy advocacy organization founded in 2016 in Barcelona to promote civil liberties, open societies, free markets, inclusive institutions and evidence-based policy. Our platform is devised as a conduit for participation and influence in social debate. We serve as a bridge between the academic world, civil society and public agents for uniting efforts and contributing to social progress.


The Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues (IREF) was founded in 2002 by representatives of the civil society coming from the academic and business world and willing to establish an efficient platform to investigate fiscal and taxation questions. As a matter of fact, taxation may be considered as a many-faceted issue and existing studies are mostly incomplete if not biased. The need to explore systematically and completely the question was obvious to IREF’s founding members. It can be asserted that this need has also an emergency aspect. Tax studies can no longer ignore the globalisation process and the consequences of this evolution on the magnitude of tax competition.

Nowadays IREF’s research interests are numerous and range from taxation to education, from public spending to housing, from health care to retirement. Policy makers are currently under the strain of two opposite forces: centralisation and harmonization on one hand, devolution and competition and globalization on the other hand. Eager to cross knowledge from economics, statistics, law studies and politics, IREF seeks to create a starting place for thoughts and proposals about various economic policies. In order to achieve its goals, IREF is editing books, reports and academic studies. IREF’s experts are covering the European current events related to taxation and economic policy and you can find every week on our website their comments and analysis.


The purpose of the Institute of Strategic Investments is to deliver a top-notch education from the Strategic Investments, Private Equity and Real Estate Industry to students, provide market and strategy analyses for clients from different sectors and regions with thorough understanding of local markets, provide a possibility of a high-profile subsequent education in the form of public events, lectures and conferences available to general public. Provide students with an overview and “helping hand” on certifications like CFA, Bloomberg, PMI, RICS etc. Aim of the Institute is to be Informative, Smart, Talented and Innovative.

ijdm logo

Our mission is to spread the liberty network through the spanish speaking countries and become a key actor in the configuration of public policies. We want to involve even more people in the defense of liberty values (freedom network), through the study and understanding of its philosophic tenets, of human nature and society, and of the principles and values of free societies (knowledge network). In addition, we work to communicate effectively to a wide and varied audience (broadcast network).

Liberdade verde

The +Liberdade Institute is a Portuguese think tank dedicated to promoting economic, political and individual freedom. The goal of the Institute is to promote the understanding of free-market economics through an educational approach.

IPI Academija

The main mission of the “International Business and Information Academy” in Tuzla is to create competent professionals in the fields of modern business, information technology, and market communications who will be capable of actively and readily entering the job market, efficiently taking on important work tasks, and directly engaging in work processes in line with their highly sophisticated competencies. Special emphasis will be placed on raising social awareness about the place and role of information technologies in broader social frameworks and the development of the information society.


The Israeli Freedom Movement is a non-partisan movement that is striving to increase the freedom of the citizens of Israel in the spirit of classical liberalism. Individual freedom, in our view, is the basic condition for the social and economic advancement of Israel. Only a free and tolerant society, in which the individual rights of every person are respected and every citizen has the right to chart his way at will as long as he is not harming someone else’s right to do similarly, can be prosperous and strong.

Law Faculty Aleksandar Stojkov


Through constant upgrading of studies and creation of a genuine knowledge, the Iustinianus Primus Law Faculty – for more than 65 years – defines what the faculty should be. Here and now. Always First!

HammondInstituteLogo Horizontal Revised 11 17 2021 1 600x182 1

The John W. Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise is a research and education center in the Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood University. Its mission is to foster free enterprise and civil and religious liberty through the examination of market-oriented approaches to economic and social issues. This mission is based on the view that a limited government, such as that laid out in the Constitutional foundation of the United States, is a necessary component of a just and prosperous society.

logo kue green en1

The Krakow University of Economics (KUE) is a modern university with traditions dating back to 1925. It conducts extensive scientific research and is currently educating 15 000 students.

The University is one of the largest centers for economic research and sciences in Poland. KUE students acquire their knowledge in three organizational units: College of Economics, Finance and Law, College of Economics and Public Administration and College of Management and Quality Sciences.

Operating uninterrupted for nearly a hundred years, the university, faithfully carries out the mission established by its founders: Rerum cognoscere causas et valorem (To learn the causes and values of things), educating the hearts and minds of successive generations of outstanding specialists. Currently, KUE offers programs in 30 fields of study in Polish and English, including postgraduate studies and prestigious MBA studies.

Liberal Institute of Tirana PASHKO

The establishment of the Liberal Institute of Tirana Pashko (ILP) is an effort by civil society to enhance governmental policies in the direction of a successful Albanian economy and polity. ILP is initiated by a group of distinguished academics, researchers, and lecturers who work solely on a personal and pro bono basis to develop timely, useful, and significant proposals that enable to contribute to the development of a strong economy and a democratic society. Following ILP’s mission, it is crucial that society respects people’s right to their own independence and recognizes that entrepreneurial skills as the most important considerations in a person’s and a country’s prosperity.

ILP intends to contribute towards the progress and democratization of the Albanian society through policy-oriented research projects, capacity building and joint programmes in these main areas: Promoting the Values of Freedom; Sustainable Development Culture-Heritage- Tourism; Research and Innovation; EU Integration; Human Rights and Social Inclusion; Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The complexity of our society in the light of technological changes, is substantially transforming the nature of civilization, requiring as such an innovative approach to link social research, education, industry, media, civil society, public and private institutions, and promotion of a well-informed, impartial public debate in the best interest of citizens.

We tend to connect people from the political, academia and business sector with other thought leaders through our meetings, seminars, and conferences. The conclusions of our research and seminars are reflected in our publications, as well as in the private papers and briefings that senior officials and third parties ask us to provide.

lvmi logo
  • Exchanging and promoting the principal ideas and merits of Classical Liberalism with a particular focus on the ideas of the Austrian School;
  • Bridging the gap between “Brussels” and the European citizens and between Eurocrats and Eurosceptics;
  • Acting as an interface between top academics, senior business leaders; respected media commentators, and leading politicians across the EU and in Brussels;
  • Teaching young professionals and students from all over the world to learn about the workings of the European Institutions;
  • Connecting world-wide liberals and organizations at national and international levels.
LWS Finance and Life School 600x222 1

Liberal group based in Spain, founded in 2021, with presence in Castellón, Málaga, Madrid and Santander which aims to spread libertarian values and finance knowledge through Spain and Latino America. By enhancing public debates in social media and Spanish universities, LWS Finance and Life School organizes events every week with thousands of participants from all around the world. We teach economics, finance and libertarian values aiming to demonstrate that the best way to proper is through capitalism, financial markets development and hard work.

MCPPlogo fullcolor 600x135 1

Advancing liberty and opportunity for all people.


Our mission is to improve the economic and all other freedoms of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mission of „Multi“ is realized through education, advocacy, research, publications and promotion of libertarian thought.

Association “Multi” is the winner of the Smith Student Outreach Award for 2019 and 2014, Atlas Network Think Tank Shark Tank Award for 2015 and the Students For Liberty Best Event Award for 2017.

Nederlands Institut voor Praxeologie

Establish the Netherlands once again as a free market example and at the frontline of the fight for liberty.

NES 600x341 1

New Economic School – Georgia (NESG), established in 2001, is a non-profit policy and economic education organization. During 18 years active work NESG has been a leading intellectual force for transforming Georgia into a country with wider economic freedoms and involved in international cooperation. The NESG has organized more than 700 activities and events – public lectures, training, seminars, workshops, local or international educational events, etc. More than 38000 people have personally attended NESG’s events and more than 8100 followed it on Facebook.

NESG has actively promoted ideas of economic freedom in the region of Southern Caucasus and beyond, played the role of the regional hub for free-minded people.

NESG is a member of several free-market-oriented networks such as Atlas Network, Economic Freedom Network, International Property Rights Alliance, European Resource Bank, 4Liberty Network, European Coalition for Economic Growth, etc. as well as closely cooperates with their member organizations. NESG regularly hosts International Free Market Road Show conferences, Summer/Winter Schools, prominent speakers, activists, etc. and attends international activities of the liberty movement.

NESG translated and published (or co-published) 28 free market books; it has a very nice library of free market economics books.

For advocating Liberty ideas NESG has awarded “Freda Utley Prize” for Advancing Liberty in 2006 and “The Templeton Freedom Award” in 2008 for excellence in promoting liberty.

Official BadgeStyle 2 color NU logo mark1

We develop free-enterprise leaders who drive global economic and social progress.

Screenshot 2023 02 03 at 09.59.03 Ely Lassman1

Prometheus on Campus is an educational charity based in the UK focused on promoting philosophy for liberty and independence.

Romanian American University

The Romanian-American University is an educational institution that develops its activity bringing the educational values of American university education on the background of the strong traditions of Romanian education. Our mission is to promote excellence in education, scientific research, innovation and technology transfer and professional, moral and social responsibility and creativity.

Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

SSST is the only university in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region offering its undergraduate and postgraduate students an internationally recognized degree. Its students learn two foreign languages and receive two degrees: one from SSST and another one from the University of Buckingham (UK), SSST’s international partner since its founding in 2004.

SSST is meeting not only the national, but also the British and the European academic and quality standards, making excellence an imperative. The SSST curriculum, taught entirely in English, is built to create confident and globally-minded graduates with practical knowledge and valuable personal and professional skills the global market demands.

SSST’s graduates get accepted into the best postgraduate programmes around the world (Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Stony Brook, etc.) and are consistently employed by leading companies in the region and beyond.

SFL Europa Ancho Color 600x172 1 400x115 1

Students For Liberty (SFL) is the biggest pro-liberty student organization in the world. Its stated mission is to educate, develop, and empower the next generation of leaders of liberty.

Students For Liberty advances freedom worldwide by supporting thousands of students fighting for individual rights, liberty, and the rule of law.
In Europe, Students For Liberty has over 300 coordinators in 35 European countries. Every year, European Local Coordinators organize hundreds of events, including large-scale conferences and long-term schools with over 10000 attendees.

For more information on SAtudents for Liberty visit the website:

ST logo

Svensk Tidskrift is a magazine with a touch of think tank. Established 1911 we cover politics, economy and culture in Sweden and abroad in a weekly online magazine, arrange seminars, publish books and participate in the public debate.

Svensk Tidskrift is liberal-conservative, but has no formal party connections. We work to enable the politically interested and ideologically sound to express their views and participate in the debate on free market issues such as protection of private ownership, lower taxes and freedom of speech. We also take part as educators in a yearly course for Swedens future liberal-conservative writers and opinion makers.

Today, when many put their hope in populist politicians, the need for advocacy for free markets, private property and strong institutions that protect these human rights is perhaps more important than ever. That is why Svensk Tidskrift is happy to be a partner to FMRS.


The taxpayers’ movement grew out of the desire of citizens to protect themselves from the increasing tax demands of the state. The Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE) is a federation of 29 national taxpayer organizations and has over one million members. TAE works to create a society with less taxation and more personal freedom. TAE seeks to achieve greater economic efficiency in the public sector. TAE influences legislation to limit the tax burden. It tries to prevent unjust abuses by tax officials and to provide clear information about taxation.

Centar za Obnovu Kulture

The main mission of The Center for Renewal of Culture (COK) is to educate people in the fundamental principles which underpin a free and democratic society. COK promotes the doctrine of limited government based on individual freedom and a free economy. We believe that institutions (political parties, judiciary, parliament etc.) alone are no guarantee for a well-ordered society. Citizens must take responsibility themselves for the common good. Much of our work is focused on educating a new generation of leaders in Croatia which will be able to confront the contemporary challenges facing all of Europe.

The Welfare State is considered by many to be highest moral achievement of Western society, but what is often overlooked is the corrupting effect big government policies have on citizens. We believe in low taxes, fair competition and the ability of people to responsibly order their lives for themselves. This philosophy has sustained our mission and it is the reason why COK hosts the Free-Market Roadshow every year in Croatia.


The Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” is the oldest higher education institution in the Republic of Northern Macedonia in the sphere of legal, political and communology sciences. It was established by Decree of the Government of the People’s Republic of Macedonia from November 3, 1951 as a department of the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Skopje, and from July 1, 1956, it works as the first, independent higher education institution in the field of law sciences. In 2001, the Faculty of Law, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its existence, was renamed the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” by decision of the Teaching-Scientific Council. In 2016, the Faculty of Law celebrated the 65th anniversary of its existence. The Faculty Day is November 3, the day when the Law and Economy Faculty was established by the Government of the People’s Republic of Macedonia. The Faculty of Law is traditionally celebrating December 10th as an international day of human rights.


Since 2014 the Polish Philosophy of Economics Network has been bringing together economists and scholars from the humanities and social sciences. We share a common interest in philosophical reflection about economics. We find intellectual reflection particularly important to the methods of economic research, as well as to economists’ value judgments.

Tholos Foundation 1

The Tholos Foundation is associated with Americans for Tax Reform. It is the home of the coalitions work, as well as the international work. The Tholos Foundation is the publisher of the International Property Rights Index, the Trade Barrier Index, and sponsors the Patent and Trademark Index and the Tax Burden of the European Worker index.

University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics
University of Belgrade Faculty of Law

University of Belgrade was founded in 1808. Today, with more than 100 thousand students, 31 schools and 12 research institutes it is one of the largest and the top-ranking universities in the Central and Eastern Europe. Faculty of Economicsand Faculty of Law, are member schools of the University of Belgrade, renowned for providing cutting edge education and research in economics/business/statistics and law.

University Donja Gorica

UDG’s mission is to develop the spirit of freedom, individualism, entrepreneurship and economic liberalism; to develop research methodology and promote innovation; to equip our students with knowledge and skills needed for the success on global markets; to develop and strengthen the network of UDG students worldwide.

University of North Alabama

As a student-centered, regional, state-assisted institution of higher education, the University of North Alabama pursues its Mission of engaging in teaching, research, and service in order to provide educational opportunities for students, an environment for discovery and creative accomplishment, and a variety of outreach activities meeting the professional, civic, social, cultural, and economic development needs of our region in the context of a global community.

The Sanders College of Business and Technology’s mission is to develop a diverse network of students into thriving professionals and continuous learners, prepared to contribute to organizations in a dynamic, global economy. The College emphasizes student development through teaching excellence, professional involvement, community partnerships, technological agility, innovation, applied research, and experiential engagement.

Warsaw Enterprise Institute

We believe that the security of Poland and the prosperity of citizens depend on their rights and freedoms. The choice of their own way of life, equality before the law, and the right to multiply their wealth. The wealth of nations requires a strong and efficient state to protect us from injustice and external threats. Its role, however, should be limited to the necessary minimum so that it does not hamper the energy and spirit of entrepreneurship.

Warsaw Enterprise Institute focuses on four areas critical to Poland’s development and prosperity: the functioning of the state, its security, the economy, and demography.

Let us keep you informed!

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