The Free Market Road Show 2021

“At all costs” was the approach of responding to the pandemic of most governments. We all know and feel the results. But other than complaining and identifying scapegoats, the Free Market Road Show discusses Ways Out of the Gridlock. We turn our attention to the sensitivity of individual and entrepreneurial freedom and civil rights and how these are the foundations of recovery.

Still in an online mode, the FMRS “tours” all over Europe, pays visits to Iceland, Israel, the Americas, and the Caucasus, and features prominent keynote speakers from all over the world. About 100 leading think-tanks and universities are involved, leading business people, outstanding scholars, policy experts, and journalists discuss openly the many aspects of the crisis.

Recent developments in Europe have seen a rise in populism, government largesse, nationalism, and state intervention. Policies proven to be ineffective and immoral are making a comeback in a general sense of malaise that the problems of our time can be addressed only by state action.

It is a pessimistic and defeatist worldview that seeks society’s salvation by assaulting private property, individual freedom, and free markets. In other words, an assault on the capitalist order.

The FMRS 2021 opens different views and will encourage discussion on the spirit of freedom and innovation that leads to progress and prosperity.

History of the Free Market Road Show

Started in 2008 with only four conferences, the Free Market Road Show® soon grew to the worldwide largest annual event of its kind. In 2017, the FMRS exceeded all previous records, visiting 45 cities all over Europe. It also has held additional conferences in the USA and Latin America. The covid-forced switch to an online mode brought new records with it: During 65 single FMRS events in 2020, we counted more than 11.000 live views, which are still being multiplied by the number of views of the almost 110 hours of recorded materials on the Youtube playlist (

Though we can´t wait for being on the road again, the measures in force do not allow travels and meetings as a physical FMRS would require. Therefore the Austrian Economics Center in cooperation with FMRS partners all over has made the biggest efforts to provide an appealing online Free Market Road Show 2021.

Don´t miss the possibility to listen to keynote speakers from all over the world and to panel discussions that reflect those speeches and will also respond to the questions and statements that you can hand in life!

Special thanks go to our sponsors and partners. Without their active support, our endeavors would be without success.