The Free Market Road Show 2022

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that many people are thirsting for new ideas to handle crises and emerge from gridlock. We are proud to say that the FMRS® was ahead of the game in making an almost seamless transition to online events, discussing innovative ideas from all over the European continent. Where others may have seen difficulties, we saw the online environment as an opportunity to expand our audience and spread the message of freedom. The FMRS partners all pulled together and pushed forward.

But the last two years have also witnessed a massive increase in state power, hysteria, skyrocketing debt, and the steady erosion of civil society due to governments’ measures to combat COVID-19. The name of “science” has been used to justify restrictions and mandates to which a free people would not otherwise accede. From infection rates to vaccine rates to new variants, pretexts are readily on hand for the government to protect people from themselves. How much longer will people’s patience be abused?

If we must upend our lives at the emergence of each new variant, then let us at least expose ourselves to one that will do us some good: the freedom variant. The freedom variant imposes neither masks nor passports on us. It separates neither family nor friends. It puts neither bodies nor minds in lockdown. There are vaccines against it, but they are ineffective against those who keep an open mind, for we do not naturally produce antibodies against it.

FMRS 2022 marks the 15th anniversary of the Free Market Road Show. What better way to commemorate this progress than to make it a superspreader event for the freedom variant? For the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Free Market Road Show will take place again in person, as it was always meant to be. Leading think-tanks, scholars, business people, and policy experts will have the opportunity to come together and discuss solutions to some of the most pressing issues today, such as individual freedom, democracy, monetary policy, innovation, trade and supply chains, sustainability, geopolitics, and much more.

Join us and help us spread the one variant that will heal us – the freedom variant.

History of the Free Market Road Show

Started in 2008 with only four conferences, the Free Market Road Show® soon grew to the largest annual event of its kind worldwide. In 2017, the FMRS exceeded all previous records, visiting 45 cities all over Europe. It also has held additional conferences in the USA and Latin America. The covid-forced switch to an online mode set new records: FMRS 2021 can boast of 36 online FMRS events, with 91 keynotes and panels, yielding more than 11,000 views. The best part of all is that if you missed any of the talks, you can check them out on our YouTube channel (!

With the FMRS 2022, we’re back on the road again in approximately 30 different cities all around Europe. Stay up-to-date on where we’ll be and what we’ll be discussing! Special thanks go to our sponsors and partners. We owe everything to their active support.

Let us keep you informed!

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