Shari Williams

Shari Williams has more than thirty years of experience as a professional in public policy, strategic planning, and state and federal political campaigns. Her expertise and passion is educating and training emerging free market public policy leaders to advance individual rights and the proper role of government. Her history is one of inspiring others to be in charge of their government and play meaningful roles.

Ms. Williams is nationally renowned as a consultant for a variety of high-profile public policy projects. A skilled campaign architect, she has a stellar record of election wins at the federal, state and legislative levels. She promotes national and international public policy as executive director for the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation and the Krieble Foundation. As a public policy entrepreneur she strives to develop new methods for engagement and persuasion.

Ms. Williams is building an Army for Freedom! She is the President of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. Leadership Program of the Rockies trains emerging influencers on the importance of individual rights, proper role of government, and being active and engaged citizens.

Shari Williams Political and Public Affairs Consulting, primarily translates ideas into action – which results in sound public policy, election victories and strong, informed leaders”.