Stojanovic Zaklina

Prof. Dr. Žaklina Stojanović is Dean and distinguished full professor at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Economics and Business, specializing in agricultural economics, policy, and financing. Since joining the faculty in 1997, she has advanced through roles from Teaching Assistant to Full Professor, reflecting her deep commitment to academic excellence and education. Her extensive teaching portfolio includes courses on Agricultural Economics, Rural Economy, Commodity Markets and Exchange, and the Globalization of Agriculture, across undergraduate, graduate, and PhD levels.

Dr. Stojanović completed her PhD in Economics at the University of Belgrade, focusing on the use of commodity derivatives in agribusiness financing in Serbia. She holds a impressive academic record with a Master’s degree in Agrarian Economy and a Bachelor’s in Business Finance and Accounting, achieving top grades in both programs.

A prolific researcher, she has contributed to numerous publications addressing issues from sustainable agriculture to the economics of food markets and rural development. She has also led and participated in multiple international and national research projects, enhancing the understanding of economic dynamics in agribusiness and rural areas.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Dr. Stojanović serves as the Dean of her faculty and has held significant administrative roles including Vice Dean for Education. She is a member of several esteemed economic and agricultural associations and has been actively involved in policy development related to agricultural economics in Serbia.

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