Lawson Bader

Lawson R. Bader is president and CEO of DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund, community foundations protecting the intent of donors who seek to enhance civil society without increasing the size and scope of government. DonorsTrust accountholders have recommended over $2 billion to nonprofits in academia, the arts, civics, medical and scientific research, religion, and education, with a special emphasis on public policy groups advancing free enterprise, limited government and personal responsibility. He is the former president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and senior vice president of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He began his career as special assistant at the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, as legislative analyst with Pierson, Semmes & Finley, and government relations manager at SRI International. A former columnist with Human Events, Lawson is a current contributor to Kiplinger. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wheaton College (IL) and The Johns Hopkins University. He is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, and the former president of Universidad Francisco Marroquin’s Antigua Forum. He currently serves on the government boards of Atlas Network, State Policy Network, and Our America.

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