Silvia Solonari

Silvia Solonari is an experienced entrepreneur and professional consultant who is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Economic Studies and a Master of Arts in United Nations and Global Policy Studies from Rutgers University. She also completed the Business Entrepreneurship curriculum through the Women Entrepreneurs Program.

Silvia is the Founder and CEO of Aivlis Marketing, a public relations and social media management company based in New York City that focuses on working with Non-Governmental Organizations. At Aivlis Marketing, Silvia works closely with her clients to create engaging content that attracts journalists and potential customers thereby developing effective marketing methods. She also helps clients manage their online presence in a way that enhances their company brand or personal mission. In addition to working with AivlisMarketing, Silvia is the Founder and CEO or the Solonari Family Foundation, a non-profit charity dedicated to helping women and youth develop and grow their entrepreneurial skills.

She is a frequent keynote speaker at charity and corporate events and is a well-respected entrepreneur and youth builder in the industry. When she is not working, Silvia enjoys spending time with friends and family and volunteering throughout her community.