Andrej Šircelj

Currently, Mr. Šircelj is a member of the National Assembly of Slovenia to which he had been nominated in August 2014. He is a Chair of the Commission for Public Finance Control, Member of the Committee on Finance and Monetary Policy, Member of the Committee on Foreign Policy. He was also a member of of the National Assembly of Slovenia in the mandate between 2011 – 2014. From December 2011 till March 2013 he was the Chairman of the Commission of Finance and Monetary Affairs and a member of the Fiscal Commission and Commission of Foreign Affairs. From March till September 2013 Mr. Šircelj was also Chairman of the Board of Directors and a non-executive director of the Bank Asset Management Company (“Bad Bank” or “BAMC”), which was founded in March 2013 to rehabilitate Slovenian banking sector.

Before that, Mr.Šircelj worked for Gorenjska banka in Kranj as Adviser to the President of the Management board, where the principal areas of advice were all aspects of directorship, including corporate issues involved with the merging with the A-banka (the third largest bank in Slovenia), international relationships, and settlement and collection of bad debts.

Mr. Šircelj was also State Secretary at the Cabinet of the Prime Minister nominated at the Ministry of Finance. As a State Secretary he acted for the Minister of Finance in his absence. Mr. Šircelj presented and advocated several laws and other documents to the Government and to the Parliament bodies, which were related to the financial system, fiscal system, treasury, tax system, public accounting, etc..

In his capacity as State Secretary he designed a new strategy of Public finance and a financial policy in Slovenia.

During Andrej Šircelj’s term of office, the Republic of Slovenia successfully introduced a tax reform, which was prepared by a group of experts and was led by Mr. Šircelj.

As the head of experts, he contributed significantly in designing a legal and economic framework for the gambling industry and financial system in Slovenia.

He has several experiences in dealing with representatives of employers and trade unions. In the year 2006 and 2007 he was deputy of the head of the group, which negotiated a social agreement between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and social partners. He played an important role in achieving an agreement with the Slovenian student organisation about the social position of young people.

He gained international experience in negotiations as a head negotiator for Slovenia with an American corporation for entertainment and gambling and as head