Report: Free Market Road Show in Castellon 2019

FMRS Castellón: “Communism and human life are not compatible”

 For the second time the Free Market Road Show visited the Spanish city of Castellón. Once again, we teamed up with Club de los Viernes to organize a magnificent event.

This stop featured a very interesting panel on new media and liberty, comprised of Ignaci Bolto (aka Spanish Libertarian), Álvaro Bernad, and Un Tío Blanco Hetero (UTBH).

The first to speak was Ignasi Bolto, who said that his work both on social platforms and youtube hopes “to gather a new political center, to put together people who aim in the same direction.” Mr. Bolto also expressed that mainstream media sees new media as competition and is becoming less and less friendly.

“Some words are forbidden and some are mandatory,” sharply defined Álvaro Bernad. “Language is manipulated and this manipulation is the opium of language.” Referring to George Orwell’s 1984 he said that the ultimate objective of this newspeak is to limit our capacity to think. “People are more pendent of what they can say instead of what they want to say.”

He concluded saying that “like Jordan Peterson explains, we will pay a price both for the things we say and for those we do not.”

The panel was closed by UTBH, who told that his very popular youtube channel started as a way to criticize political correctness, feminism, and identity politics. “Many of the topics I touched on my channel used to be taboo.” He also highlighted that right-wing and left-wing extremists have criticized him for what he does.

The final panel was titled “The superiority of capitalism and the horrors of communism,” and comprised of local organizer Edgar Fernández and podcaster Fernando Díaz Villanueva.

Mr. Fernández suggested that universities are making a big mistake. “At universities they study poverty. Poverty is our natural state. They should try to explained what has been happening the last two hundred years. And that is to explain capitalism.”

Fernando Díaz Villanueva said that capitalism and openness are synonyms and that capitalist societies are open and transparent. On the contrary, “communist societies are closed and opaque. The best contemporary example of this is North Korea. Every society that refuses to be capitalist adopts eventually torture and repression.”

“The purest case of communism was probably Pol Pot’s Cambodia in the 70s. Under the Khmer regime a quarter of the population was annihilated by the government. It seems communism and human life are not compatible,” Mr. Díaz Villanueva concluded.

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