Free Market Road Show


FMRS Zurich Report

Zunfthaus zur Waag Münsterhof 8, Zürich

FMRS Zurich – Report Li Schoolland grew up

FMRS Tbilisi Report

University of Georgia M. Kostava str. 77a, Room 529, Tbilisi

FMRS Tbilisi – Report Two panel discussions of

FMRS Tallinn

Estonian Business School Lauteri 3, Room 413, Tallin

FMRS Tallinn – Report Yaron Brook opens the

FMRS Stockholm Report

GT 30 Grev Ture Grev Turegatan 30, Stockholm

FMRS Stockholm – Report On May 4th, Svensk

FMRS Tirana Report

European University of Tirana, Xhura Complex St. Xanfize Keko, Tirana

FMRS Tirana – Report The Free Market Road

FMRS Ljubljana Report

Faculty of Law and Business Studies (Catholic Institute), Mara and Vinko Lipovec Hall (3rd floor) Krekov trg 1, Ljubljana

FMRS Ljubljana – Report On 10 May 2022,

FMRS Zagreb Report

Zagreb School of Economics and Management Ulica Filipa Vukasovica 1, Zagreb

FMRS Zagreb – Report Attendees at the

FMRS Sarajevo Report

Sarajevo School of Science and Technology Hrasnička cesta 3a, Ilidža, Sarajevo

FMRS Sarajevo – Report The FMRS event in

FMRS Belgrade Report

University of Belgrade - Faculty of Economics 6 Kamenicka Street, Belgrade

FMRS Belgrade – Report he FMRS keynote presentation

FMRS Amsterdam Report

Meet Berlage Oudebrugsteeg 9, 1012JN Amsterdam

FMRS Amsterdam – Report The Netherlands Institute for


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