agnieszka plonka

Agnieszka Plonka

Agnieszka Plonka holds a B.Sc. in theoretical physics from Jagiellonian University and a M.Sc. in geophysics from the University of Warsaw. Upon graduation, she aspired to obtain a doctorate in global seismology, which has made her move to the Netherlands and Switzerland, and attend numerous international conferences in the United States.
However, this experience has quickly shifted her scientific focus to economics, philosophy and the state of modern academia. She is now a Mises University graduate, received scholarships from the Institute of Economic Studies, and is a member of the Austrian Economics Meeting Europe. She has published commentaries on the links between science and policy. Her current research work focuses on the nature of information war and state propaganda, as well as the psychology of totalitarian regimes. Industry-wise, she is gaining working experience in the data science field.