New Economic School – Georgia (NESG)

New Economic School – Georgia

New Economic School – Georgia (NESG), established in 2001, is a non-profit policy and economic education organization. During 18 years active work NESG has been a leading intellectual force for transforming Georgia into a country with wider economic freedoms and involved in international cooperation. The NESG has organized more than 700 activities and events – public lectures, training, seminars, workshops, local or international educational events, etc. More than 38000 people have personally attended NESG’s events and more than 8100 followed it on Facebook. NESG published

NESG has actively promoted ideas of economic freedom in the region of Southern Caucasus and beyond, played the role of the regional hub for free-minded people.

NESG is a member of several free-market-oriented networks such as Atlas Network, Economic Freedom Network, International Property Rights Alliance, European Resource Bank, 4Liberty Network, European Coalition for Economic Growth, etc. as well as closely cooperates with their member organizations. NESG regularly hosts International Free Market Road Show con