Gonzalo Melián

Gonzalo Melián is an entrepreneur, architect and academic with an interest in education, economics, and cities. He is founder member and director at Centro de Estudios Superiores OMMA, associate professor at IE University, visiting professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, as well as member of Instituto Juan de Mariana and the Mont Pelerin Society.

He has scored relevant achievements in the educational sector, launching and managing educational projects.

As a consultant, he has leaded and written several urban plans and collaborated in the writing of different land and urban planning related legal writings.

He has been F.A. Hayek Visiting Scholar in George Mason University, post-doctoral visiting researcher at Cardiff University School of City and Regional Planning and pre-doctoral visiting researcher at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He has been awarded the “Viera y Clavijo” science research award and has published several academic papers in research journals, books and more that hundred articles in the media.