Daniel Lacalle

PhD Economist and Fund Manager. Author of bestsellers “Life In The Financial Markets” and “The Energy World Is Flat” as well as “Escape From the Central Bank Trap”. Frequent collaborator with CNBC, Hedgeye, Wall Street Journal, El Español, A3 Media and 13TV. Holds the CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst) and masters in Economic Investigation and IESE.
He is member of the advisory board of the Rafael del Pino Foundation and is Commissioner of the Community of Madrid in London. He was ranked as one of the top 20 most influencial economists in the world 2016 (according to Richtopia).
Lacalle has teached at London School of Economics and is currently lecturer at Instituto de Empresa (IE University), Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB) and UNED.