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FMRS Tbilisi – Report

Two panel discussions of the FMRS Tbilisi 2022 meeting covered two major topics:
Entrepreneurial solutions to the economic crisis created by COVID-19 pandemic and abuse of power and decline of human freedoms in the world. The keynote speaker for the first panel Doctor Zitelmann, a German businessman and writer, stressed the important role of entrepreneurship in the world’s well-being, dismantled several conspiracies and failures of understanding of business entrepreneurship and capitalism, and the great role of the entrepreneurs in solving any economic crises.

FMRS Tbilisi Report
Matt Kibbe, President, Free the People, Paata Sheshelidze, President, New Economic School and Richard Zundritsch, Financial Adviser supported the idea and discussed the current trends of the wrong attempts of demonizing the business and worshiping the governments, both national and multinational. In fact, they stressed, the governments and especially multinational governments were to be blamed for failures to respond to the COVID-19 and exaggerating, politicizing the problems instead of giving chances to the private sector to respond. Attendees made comments and asked questions about current challenges of food and vaccine production, online working and educational opportunities, etc.

FMRS Tbilisi Report
The keynote speech for the second panel was made by Doctor Yaron Brook, the President at the Ayn Rand Institute, who with his very influential pitch made the audience alarmed and convinced the individual freedoms during the COVID19 pandemic have been under higher danger and all freedom-lover people need to act, protest, explain and teach. Ms. Li Schoolland, an independent educator and promoter of individual freedoms, talked about the Chinese (PRC) response to the pandemic: brutal and violent. She informed about the real life problems of the Chinese people, who live a very repressed life and the falsified realities by government propaganda.

FMRS Tbilisi Report
Ms. Terry Kibbe, Free the People, underlined major societal challenges created by the governmental intervention into the lives if people during the pandemic; two Georgian contributors of the panel – Mr. Japaridze – the leader of the Girchi – More Freedom – Libertarian Party and Revaz Topuria – the President of the B. Franklin Club described the problems created by the Georgian government and their attempts to make people aware of violations of constitution and fundamental rights, encouraging young people to fight their rights in everyday regime. It was also noted that Georgia’s government made several steps regulating businesses that could further limit the county’s business advantages during the nearest period. Questions and comments at the end of panel and the conference were directed to the panelists FMRS meeting was accompanied with a Photo Exhibition of Georgia’s history before Russia, during and after the Soviet period.

FMRS Tbilisi Report

FMRS Tbilisi – Program

12:00am – 12:15pm Welcome Words

12:15pm – 1:30pm Panel

Pandemic and Entrepreneurship


1:30pm – 2:15pm Coffee break
2:15pm – 3:15pm Panel

Freedom Under Attack


  • Natia Kaladze
3:15pm – 3:30pm Closing remarks


New Economic School - Georgia


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