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FMRS Skopje – Report

The FMRS again paid a visit to Skopje at the Faculty of Law, Iustiniaius Primus – Skopje. The event was dedicated to innovation. All of the speakers explained the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation in their own way and the role they play in society, both for material wellbeing and freedom in general.
Aleksandra Janeska Iliev took the local approach explaining the hurdles local entrepreneurs have to go through to manage to succeed. The entrepreneurial energy is strong and getting stronger with every passing year in Macedonia. This energy can be seen especially amongst the younger generation who want to create and live in a better society. But how do you keep those bright minds at home? For Aleksandra, it is a mixture of education and culture. You need proper education and you need to teach people that rarely do you succeed on your first try. Failure is not the last step when doing business. Macedonians need to stop waiting for the knight in shining armor – or in modern terms, a multinational company – to save us.

FMRS Skopje Report

Unfortunately, Hristina Runcheva Tasev couldn’t be with us in person so she joined us via zoom to further explain the role of the entrepreneur, using the examples of the famous entrepreneurs and their ventures.
FMRS Skopje Report

Larry Reed emphasized that even though we are living in turbulent times, starting from the pandemic and into the war in Ukraine, the risk is all around us. However, that doesn’t mean that investing even in Eastern Europe is riskier than say six months ago. Opportunities are everywhere and it is the job of the entrepreneur to find them and have the courage to take the risk and invest. On the one hand, this doesn’t mean that we should crave for turbulent times, however, nor do we have to not use the opportunities, because they are still around us.

FMRS Skopje Report
Nikos Sotirakopoulos turned the spotlight back on the entrepreneur, pointing out how we became so eager not to respect the work of the entrepreneur. What’s worse, not only do we not respect their contribution to society, but we act like children entitled to the flurries of production. Even though we voluntarily choose to buy certain goods that make some people like the Bezos’ and the Musk’s of the world ultrarich, we forget how much richer we have become in the process. Instead, we should thank the entrepreneur for making our lives better and continue to defend the freedom that allows for that to happen.

FMRS Skopje Report
Cris Lingle made the case for human liberties and how their expansion is the key to prosperity both on a global scale and an individual level. Because of the war in Ukraine, there are a lot of idle resources that need to be invested in other countries. In principle, that means great opportunities for a lot of countries, but at the same time, they need to be extra careful when those investments come from authoritarian countries such as China and Russia, for example. Because the rules and standards they work under are different than those employed in the liberal democracies that protect property rights. Unlike the West, Chinesе and Russian investments are connected to the state with imperial ambitions.

FMRS Skopje Report

FMRS Skopje – Program


10:00am – 10:300am Entry & Registration
10:30am – 10:45am Welcome Words

10:45am – 11:30am Panel

Innovation in turbulent times

11:30am – 11:50am Discussion with the audience
11:50am – 12:00pm Closing remarks


FMRS Skopje Report
FMRS Skopje Report


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