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16:30 – 17:00Registration
17:00 – 17:20Opening Remarks
17:20 – 18:20Panel 1: Brands, Business and Big Data

The Big Data genie has been out of its bottle for some years now, but who understands the full impact of what has been unleashed? Panellists discuss the pros and cons of Big Data, its implications for our democracies, for national security, for personal freedom, for the regulation of brands and business and for improving the quality of lives around the world.

Moderator: David Lipka (Vice-President for Student Affairs, Anglo-American University)


  • Nick Harris (Public Affairs Director, JTI)
  • Lukáš Kovanda (Chief Economist, Czech Fund)
  • Milan Šlapák (President and CEO, GE Aviation – CR &SK)
  • Miroslav Umlauf (Data Management Director, Avast)
18:20 – 18:50Networking and Refreshments
18:50 – 20:00Panel 2: Europe at a Crossroads – the Nation State or Regional Integration?

More visibly in some countries than others, the continent of Europe, in common with other regions of the world, faces an existential crisis. It is a crisis fuelled by a complex blend of economic inequality, disillusion with political leadership, the increasing influence of populist parties, external interference and migration. How can these destabilizing forces be tackled? Standing at a crossroads and searching for the best way ahead, which direction will each nation state choose to take?  What alternatives for cooperation with neighbors will best fit in such an environment?

Moderator: David Lipka (Vice-President for Student Affairs, Anglo-American University)


  • Cris Lingle (Visiting Professor of Economics, Universidad Francisco Marroquín)
  • Dan Mitchell (Chairman, Center for Freedom and Prosperity)
  • Miroslav Singer (Director for Institutional Affairs and Chief Economist, Generali CEE)
  • Pavel Telička (Vice-President, European Parliament; Member, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe)
  • Richard Zundritsch (Board member, Austrian Economics Center)
20:00Closing remarks

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