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FMRS Munich – Report

At the Free Market Road Show conference in Munich on April 27, Finance Minister Albert Füracker was the keynote speaker and provided detailed information on current fiscal policy in Bavaria and possible changes as a result of the extraordinary challenges posed by climate protection, the pandemic and the Ukraine war.
The event was held in cooperation with the Taxpayers’ Association and the European Economic Senate as part of the successful series “Business and Politics in Dialog” at the Bayrischer Hof. The first vice president of the Bavarian Economic Advisory Council, Hans Hammer, moderated the event in the packed Palaishalle.

FMRS Munich Report
Minister of State Füracker promised to continue the previous Bavarian strategy of corona crisis management. He criticized the relief package of the SPD, Grüne and FDP coalition. It had been unfortunately neglected to bring a brisk, functioning and purposeful package of measures for the discharge of all citizens on the way.

FMRS Munich Report
In their statements, Barbara Kolm and Ingo Friedrich pointed out mistakes in these measures to overcome the Corona crisis. The fact that similar mistakes were made throughout Europe further complicates the situation. It is urgently necessary to take countermeasures, if not on a European level, then at least on a national level.

FMRS Munich Report The consequences of the Ukraine conflict, which is weakening economic performance as an additional external shock, were discussed at length. The mechanisms that lead to inflation and how they could be counteracted were discussed in detail in the audience discussion. In connection with inflation and impending (or already occurred?) stagflation, the increased production costs and the shortage of skilled labor in many industries were cited.

FMRS Munich Report
Rolf Baron von Hohenhau, together with the key note speakers, was available for discussion with the very engaged audience in the second part of the event. At the heart of the discussions was the general concern that all policy measures ultimately result in an increase in the tax burden. Of course, people basically agree that the services provided by the state have to be financed by taxes and are therefore happy to pay them. But the tax burden should not threaten the existence and make entrepreneurship impossible. The Minister of State for Finance and Home Affairs, Albert Füracker, countered these objections with a precise explanation based on a current topic, the future design of the property tax, and also explained this by presenting practical examples.

FMRS Munich Report
Not only the audience, but also the speakers left the event with new insights. After all, the questions and the concrete expectations of the participating entrepreneurs contributed significantly to the formation of opinions. The Free Market Road Show and the series of events “Business and Politics in Dialogue” are two of the rare opportunities for productive exchange between the various players. Baron von Hohenhau, in his capacity as Chairman of the Tax and Financial Policy Committee of the Bavarian Business Advisory Council, pledged to continue inviting people to this type of event with a constructive exchange of views in the future and more frequently.

FMRS Munich Report

FMRS Munich – Program

Nachhaltige Steuer- und Finanzpolitik in unsicheren Zeiten.

Wie wir heute dafür sorgen können, dass künftige Generation eine Zukunft haben.


  • Hans Hammer, 1. Vizepräsident Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern, Vorsitzender Bezirk München

Bitte registrieren Sie sich bis Mittwoch, 20. April hier:

7:00pm – 7:30pm Begrüßung

  • Hans Hammer, 1. Vizepräsident Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern, Vorsitzender Bezirk München
  • Rolf von Hohenhau, Präsident Bund der Steuerzahler in Bayern e.V., Vorsitzender Ausschuss Steuer- und Finanzpolitik
7:30pm – 8:00pm Keynote

8:30pm – 9:00pm Keynote

  • Barbara Kolm, Austrian Central Bank, Austrian Economics Center
9:00pm – 9:20pm Schlusswort

  • Ingo Friedrich, Präsident Europäischer Wirtschaftssenat (EWS), Vizepräsident Europäisches Parlament ret.

Bitte beachten Sie:

Die Einladung erfolgt unter dem Vorbehalt, dass am Veranstaltungstag keine über die 2G Regel hinausgehenden coronabedingten Einschränkungen gelten. Eine Teilnahme ohne Anmeldung ist nicht möglich! Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt. Sofern Sie nach Ihrer Zusage von uns keine Absage erhalten, ist Ihre Anmeldung verbindlich. Sollten Sie Ihre bereits erteilte Zusage kurzfristig nicht einhalten können, teilen Sie uns dies bitte mit, damit wir den frei gewordenen Teilnehmerplatz weitergeben können.

Sicherheits- und Hygieneregeln:

Für den Einlass gilt derzeit die 2G Regel: Teilnehmen kann nur, wer geimpft oder genesen ist. Nachweise darüber sind am Einlass vorzulegen. Die Maske ist auch während der Veranstaltung zu tragen.

Personen mit Kontakt zu COVID-19-Fällen in den letzten 14 Tagen oder Personen mit unspezifischen Allgemeinsymptomen und respiratorischen Symptomen jeder Schwere können nicht teilnehmen. Mit der Teilnahme erklären Sie, dass dies nicht auf Sie zutrifft.


FMRS Munich Report
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FMRS Munich Report


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