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FMRS Kyiv – Report

The Warsaw Enterprise Institute stands with Ukraine.

This Free Market Road Show was initially planned to be held in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. However, due to the war with Russia, it was moved to the capital of Poland. The panel focuses much on the challenges of the current and future economy.

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The moderator’s first question posed an incredibly challenging question. She asked “Where is the most visible aspect of increased government control of the economy? What are the challenges laying ahead, and how do we mitigate those?” Then Yaron Brook cites the biggest challenge has been Covid-19. “The response to Covid has been horrific and has given the state powers nobody imagined the state even had.” It has increased government control, spending, and power over the people. Brook blames the interruption on supply chain issues and economic decline on the government’s power. He states, “when you limit production and don’t allow people to go to work, less gets produced.”
Matt Kibbe believes, “We need governments to show a little bit of humility and get out of the way. The arrogance of bureaucrats made them believe they could create a one-size-fits-all plan, has made everything worse. Governments are always at war, and they are at war with people thinking for themselves.” He challenges the audience to demand the freedom to think for themselves and find a compelling way to tell the story.
Europe is no stranger to energy issues. Marcin Nowacki believes that part of the problem is energy is not in the private sector. He believes that under a private sector, the energy corps would be free from political motivations. The government’s job is to regulate these companies, not be them.
Marek Tatala concurs with the need to limit government but uses a unique example. He quotes how refugees and Poland were helped by its citizens and not a government program. The citizen lead aid was extremely effective and without any government intervention.

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Panel 2 kicks off with the question “Do we need to redefine Europe?” Dr. Richard Zundritsch states “We need to define Europe. When thinking about this panel, I was thinking of all the Europe’s we have. We have a geographic Europe, a European Union, a partial NATO Europe, and plans for a European army. What Europe are we actually talking about?” Dr. Zundritsch points out that Europe has not yet found its identity. To progress in the future, she must decide who she wants to become.
Gunnar Hökmark says “we are in a time where Europe is redefined. Europe is a lot of things, many countries, yet we share the same identity.” In a slightly different take than Zundritsch, he believes that Europe has been slowly developing over time. It is several rapid decisions that are redefining Europe. A major change is from creating peace between European countries to now protecting the security of all of Europe.
Yulia Tychkivska took a very emotional stance on classical liberalism and its importance as she has personally been affected by the war on Ukraine. “It is not about declarations; it is about actions.” She feels that Europe is in a place of momentum, where true change can occur for the betterment and dignity of the human person.
Ales Alachnovic complements her cry for help by explaining that international aid has been more symbolic than real. Sanctions are placed on individuals and groups that are not as important. He states, “If Europe cannot figure out or redefine how to deal with dictators such as Putin, these stories will sooner or later occur in the EU.”

FMRS Kyiv – Program

The Warsaw Enterprise Institute stands with Ukraine.

3:30pm – 3:40pm Welcome Words

  • Nataliya Melnyk, Bendukidze Free Market Center
3:40pm – 4:45pm Panel

The World´s Disorder


4:45pm – 5:00pm Break
5:00pm – 6:10pm Panel

Another Challenge for the Economy


6:10pm – 6:20pm Break
6:20pm – 7:20pm Panel

Europe Reconsidered


7:20pm – 7:30pm Closing remarks


FMRS Kyiv hosted by FMRS Warsaw
Warsaw Enterprise Institute
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