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FMRS Iasi – Report

The Free Market Road Show conference has enjoyed a real success due to the large number of students that attended the Iaşi event, in April 2022. After two online editions, the onsite return to the Aula of the Central University Library was a cause of joy and gratitude, for both the organizers and the young people who participated, maybe, in the first event of this kind in their lives.

FMRS Iasi Report
The hall was animated by John Chisholm’s exhortations to students to follow their dreams and have the courage to discover the challenges of entrepreneurship. Barbara Kolm’s speech was an excellent lesson in economics, with a special focus on Austrian School of Economics. The challenges caused by the war in Ukraine, the topic of inflation and central bank actions were key-points of the debate. Calum Nicholson very well highlighted the errors of scientism, while Amir Shani made an excellent synthesis of sharing economy practices and opportunities for this type of services in a crisis-stricken economy. The interaction with the young participants was very well received and the opportunity to reward the best questions with some copies of the book Unleash your inner company proving to be an important incentive for our students.

FMRS Iasi Report
The feedback provided by the students after the conference was excellent. In addition to appreciating the quality of the ideas presented, the way they were transmitted and the interactions between the speaker and the room were highly praised. The practical aspects of entrepreneurial actions and examples from the real economy have also been highly appreciated by the bachelor students. One of the cutest feedback was received from a student who would like to become a Barbara Kolm of Romania!

FMRS Iasi Report
Nevertheless, all prove the enthusiasm of participating in a high-profile event, the core ideas of individual freedom and the functioning of the free market being transmitted in the most natural and warm way possible.
The entire team from Iaşi thanks you for making these events possible and gladly awaits future meetings with the ideas that make the free world possible!

FMRS Iasi – Program

2:00pm – 2:10pm Welcome Words

  • Barbara Kolm, Austrian Central Bank, Austrian Economics Center
2:10pm – 2:35pm Keynote

The World´s Disorder

  • Tudor Ulianovschi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova
2:35pm – 3:00pm Keynote

Another Challenge for Economy

3:00pm – 3:25pm Keynote

Europe Reconsidered

  • Barbara Kolm, Austrian Central Bank, Austrian Economics Center
3:25pm – 3:50pm Keynote

The Problem With Experts: Science and scientism in the ‘post-truth’ age

3:50pm – 4:15pm Keynote

Entrepreneurship against crisis

4:15pm – 4:30pm Closing remarks


FMRS Iasi Report


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