The European Single Market – What next?

The competitiveness of the European Union has been a hotly debated topic in recent years. The European Single Market is one of the instruments to promote the movement of goods and services. But does it work well in Europe's sea of regulations? Or is there room for improvement? Is Europe a space that induces new innovations and technologies? How do we compare with other large markets that are in direct competition with Europe in the global space? What is the position of Slovak producers with ambitions to expand beyond Slovakia's borders? We invite you to a discussion on this topic, which is crucial and defining for the near future of the European Union and its economic performance.

Panel I: What prevents Slovak Companies from doing more business in Europe?


  • Juraj Hrbaty, CEO & Chairman of the Board, FINAX (Financial sector representative)
  • Marián Janos, CEO, Dr. Max (Representative of the medical sector)
  • Jan Sebo, Institute for Strategies and Analyses, Government Office of the Slovak Republic (Representative of the pension sector)
  • Mario Lelovsky, Vice-President of the National Union of Employers (Representative of employers)
  • Radovan Durana (INESS)

Panel II: How to improve the single market?


  • Denisa Sakova (Minister of Economy, Deputy Prime Minister, tbc)
  • Zuzana Gentner Vargova (Permanent Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia)
  • Eugen Jurzyca (SaS)
  • Katarína Roth Nevedalova (SMER-SD)
  • Miriam Lexmann (KDH)


National Union of Employers
EPH Foundation


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