17:00 – 17:15

Introductory/Welcome Speech

17:15 – 18:00

To privatize or not to privatize?

18:00 – 18:40

AI and new digital tech: regulate or develop?

  • Florin Roman, lawyer and lecturer at Uniwersytet Babeș-Bolyai
  • Prof. Włodzisław Duch, professor of physical sciences specializing in applied computer science, neuroinformatics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive science and neurocognitive technologies
  • moderated by Julia Metalnikova, Leader of student association for Recovery of Ukraine at Warsaw School of Economics

18:40 – 19:00

Coffee and networking break

19:00 – 19:40

Single Market: the most important pillar of the EU?

The 30th anniversary of the Single Market (this year) and the 20th anniversary of CEE countries in the EU (2024) might be a good reason to discuss the importance of the Single Market for growth in Europe and emphasize the importance of fighting intra-EU protectionism.

Subject: Polexit: profits and losses of the EU membership


Economic Freedom Foundation
Warsaw Enterprise Institute
Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation


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