16:30 – 17:50

Rule of Law in Spain: An assault on liberal democracy? (in Spanish)

  • Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (Politician and civil society activist)
  • Teresa Freixes (Professor Constitutional Law)
  • Moderator: Jano García (Journalist and influencer)

18:00 – 19:20

The economic future of Europe: Who is reducing European competitiveness? (in English)

19:20 – 19:50

Coffee break

19:50 – 20:45

Challenges of a libertarian president: Javier Milei and the future of Argentina (in Spanish).

  • Alberto Benegas Lynch (Professor, Argentinian economist and and economic advisor to Javier Milei), via Zoom
  • Carlos Rodríguez Braun (Professor, Economist)
  • Moderator: Domingo Soriano and Nuria Richart (Journalist at Libertad Digital)


Juan de Mariana Instituto


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