Olivier de Richoufftz

Olivier has been president of Business Families Foundation (BFF) since 2014. The foundation, with its head office in Canada, provides multi-media education to Entrepreneurial Families around the world.

For the decade prior to leading BFF, Olivier was the CEO of the Family Business Network International and was responsible for launching thirty family business owners’ associations, serving more than 7,000 family businesses worldwide.

As part of this effort, Olivier has developed the Family Business Global Summit seen as the “leading global event for business families”.

Forward-thinker, Olivier has a deep passion for geopolitics and the contributions of family owned businesses to the economy at large. In this vein, he speaks regularly at International conferences on the importance of Entrepreneurial Families to the global economy, including at the Global Economic Symposium, Liberty fund, Free Market Roadshow and more. Olivier avidly supports the creation of initiatives that allow for the development of new economic models, helping families adapt for the betterment of their communities, businesses and families. The most recent venture, the Intrapreneurial Initiative, an innovative program bridging the gap between two generations of family business members so that the knowledge, expertise and value generated may be preserved in a way that responds to the specific needs and desires of each generation.

Before his work with family businesses, Olivier spent 20 years in the tourism industry, in both public and private sectors. His experience includes developing and implementing international tourism strategies for entities including Euro Disney Resort and France Tourism.
In addition to his career achievements, Olivier has participated in a EU economic development mission in Crimea and humanitarian missions to Lebanon, Iraq, Ethiopia and Armenia.

He is a board member of Mission Enfance, an NGO based in Monaco.

Olivier, 53, is Swiss and French, holds his MBA from HEC in Paris, and is married with 4 children.