Center of institutional Analysis and Development Eleutheria


The Center for Analysis and Institutional Development Eleutheria Foundation (CADI) is an academic and entrepreneurial cooperation platform for a network of researchers and consultants in human, social and organizational sciences. CADI is specialized in consultancy services and technical assistance for the Romanian public administration in various areas, such as: institutional development, developing and implementing public policies, sectoral and development strategies – local and regional – as well as in conducting studies and social research. The Foundation is active in the area of human resources development, managing large scale strategic projects aiming at the creation of jobs, the development of entrepreneurial culture, facilitating access to employment for people in rural areas, increasing the skills of SMEs managers and young entrepreneurs in order to manage businesses more effectively or increasing the capacity of inclusion of the Roma minority for a sustainable economic development. CADI also organizes public debates and workshops, on topics of public or scientific interest and develops educational and editorial programs in human and social sciences areas.