María Blanco

Profesor at San Pablo CEU- University and Member of Juan de Mariana Insitute, Spain Maria Blanco holds a PhD in economics from Madrid Complutense University. She teaches History of Economic Thought and Public Policy at San Pablo CEU University. Her main research areas in History of Economic Thought are related to neuroeconomics and literature. She has published several chapters in: History of Economic Thought and Ayn Rand and the Austrian School of Economics. She also teaches History of Economic Doctrines from the Austrian point of view for the Master in Austrian School Economics at Rey Juan Carlos University. She is an active member of the Spanish think tank Instituto Juan de Mariana. Maria is also a columnist for Voz Pópuli and El Mundo, and acts as a commentator at talk shows in Canal Sur, Telecinco, Telemadrid, 13TV, Intereconomía and Libertad Digital. She is the author of “Las tribus liberales”, the book where she explains the origin of liberalism and its main branches.