Terry W. Anker

As Chairman of The Anker Consulting Group, Inc., Mr. Anker, professionally trained as an attorney, has served as an advisor and owner in several concerns including the retail, wholesale distribution and service industries as well as the public sector. Presently, Mr. Anker spends much of his time advising businesses on the acquisition of capital from public and private sources. He is the Chairman of CleanSlate, a midsized software integrator and services firm, holds investments in commercial real estate, founded CrossConfirm, a help desk services provider for various international governing bodies of sport, and is a partner in the software developer, SWAN.  Also, Mr. Anker is the Associate Editor and Partner of Current Publishing, LLC, whose holdings include 11 local newspapers. 

Additionally, he is a member of Mont Pellerin Society, numerous professional training and education seminars and an alumnus of the Stanley K. Lacy Leadership Development and a weekly newspaper columnist.