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Koletsi, Lamprini

Lamprini Koletsi Lamprini Koletsi is a 4th year Law student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She currently serves as an EU Careers Student Ambassador powered by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). In her first years of studies she has actively operated at the local group in Thessaloniki of the European Law Students’ [...]

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Vano, Vladimir

Vladimir Vano Vladimir Vano is alumnus of Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and Carlson School of Management. His professional experience started in the nineties with Deloitte&Touche. In 1999, he entered the financial sector as research assistant to the Chief Economist of ING. In 2011 and 2012 he served as external advisor for monetary affairs to the Deputy [...]

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Konstantinidis, Stefanos

Stefanos Konstantinidis Stefanos Konstantinidis comes from Thessaloniki, Greece. He studied Business Administration at University of Macedonia. He got his MBA from INSEAD and did a Finance degree at LBS. His professional qualifications include a diploma in Digital Marketing. He is a member of Project Management Institute (PMI) and a member of the Certified [...]

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Rodríguez de Santiago-Concha y Argos, Jaime

Jaime Rodríguez de Santiago-Concha y Argos Jaime Rodríguez de Santiago-Concha is Country Manager for Spain and Portugal at BlaBlaCar, the leading European ridesharing community that connects drivers with empty seats and people traveling the same way, so they can share their cost. Fascinated with technology since his childhood, Jaime has developed his career around [...]

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Rodríguez López, Adrián

Adrián Rodríguez López Adrián Rodríguez holds a psychology degree, with specilization in Science and Cognitive Psychology, from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and a master’s degree in Theoretical and Practical Philosophy, with specialization in History of Philosophy and Contemporary Thought. Blogger and Alt-Right thinker, he currently works on the converging lines of certain libertarian thought (the [...]

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Martos, Andrea

Andrea Martos Andrea Martos, B.Sc. Biochemistry at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Currently, she is Stud. M.Sc.Eng. in Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). She has conducted her research activity at the University of Cambridge, Alberto Sols Biomedical Institute as well as at the Department of Nanotechnology (DTU). Currently, [...]

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Rodríguez Marín, Sara

Sara Rodríguez Marín Masters of Law, LLM in Private Law and PhD candidate in Business Law, researching on Competition Law, regulation of online platforms and the collaborative economy. She is currently Public Policy and Institutional Relations Manager at Adigital and Sharing España, focusing on Intellectual Property, Competition Law & Collaborative Economy. And she is also [...]

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Institutul de Economie Mondiala

Institutul de Economie Mondiala Institutul de Economie Mondiala Site: Mission The Institute of World Economy (IWE) of the Romanian Academy is an organization of research and development of national interest. Between 1967-1990, IEM has operated under the Ministry of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, and developed [...]

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Dapan, Ljubiša

Ljubiša Dapan Director of Federal Institute for Development Programming (FIDP). Ljubiša has graduated from University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Economics (1981). His working experience includes working as an Independent Officer for Planning and Analysis at «Slavko Rodić» (1981-1986), after which he became Director of Tax Administration Bugojno and municipal Government member during the [...]

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Rogers, Carlyle

Carlyle Rogers Carlyle K Rogers MBA, LLM is a barrister based in Anguilla who practices in the areas of corporate and financial services law and owns and manages the Stafford Group of Companies which provides corporate/trustee and other services to international clients.  Mr. Rogers studied law in London at Queen Mary and Westfield [...]

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