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Salin, Pascal

Pascal Salin Pascal Salin is Emeritus Professor of Economics, Paris University, and is the actual President of what is probably the oldest free-market think-tank in France: ALEPS (Association pour la Liberté et le Progrès Social). He is also former president of the Mont Pelerin Society, Member of the Advisory Board of The Independent Institute. He [...]

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Sandtner, Walter

Hayek vs. Keynes - an unresolved issue Summary by Dr. Walter Sandtner, Vienna The subject is not new, there were seminars, conferences and books, f.i. Nicholas Wapshott, "Keynes-Hayek-The clash that defined modern economics" (2011). There is not only one unresolved issue, but two, maybe more. I limit myself to two unresolved issues. [...]

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Grahammer, Walter

Walter Grahammer Mag. Walter Grahammer is the ambassador of Austria in France. From January 2011 to August 2017 he was Permanent Representative of Austria to the European Union. Prior to that, he headed the integration and economic policy section of the Foreign Ministry in Vienna. During the Austrian EU Council Presidency in the first [...]

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Azihari, Ferghane

Ferghane Azihari Ferghane Azihari is an independent journalist and public policy analyst. He regularly collaborates for numerous English and French-speaking free market media and think tanks, including the Institut de Recherches Économiques et Fiscales in France. He is also coordinator for European Students for Liberty in France and Laureate 2018 of the Weisager Scholarship of [...]

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Baufreton, Eudes

Eudes Baufreton With a graduate degree in the fields of finance and management from ICEE, Eudes Baufreton began his career in London as Chief Financial Officer of Graveleau Limited, a position he held for several years before rising to become the company's Deputy General Manager. Upon his return to Paris, the native of the [...]

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Katz, Jesper

Jesper Katz Jesper is a political consultant that has worked on numerous election and referendum campaigns across Europe. He was, for example, a director in the liberal-conservative campaign against Sweden joining the Euro, responsible for the first June List election campaign that made them the 3rd largest party 120 days after launch and [...]

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Join the FMRS London!

by Nick O'Connor Dan Denning, former editor of this very letter and the man who (with the odd bit of help from me) founded Southbank Investment Research, is in London next week. If you're free next Wednesday evening (9 May) and you can come to London, Dan is speaking at an event celebrating free [...]

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Krumpel, Bernhard

Bernhard Krumpel Seit nahezu eineinhalb Jahren ist Mag. Bernhard Krumpel für die Konzernkommunikation von Novomatic zuständig. In dieser Funktion zeichnet sich der Wirtschaftssoziologe für die gesamte Medienarbeit verantwortlich und koordiniert zudem den Außenauftritt der NOVOMATIC-Gruppe in Zusammenarbeit mit den Tochterunternehmen. Zuvor leitete Krumpel die Konzernkommunikation der HYPO NOE Gruppe Bank AG. Der PR-Experte hat weiters [...]

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