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Parks, Jared

Jared Parks Jared Parks is the senior director of advocacy and external affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC). He is responsible for developing and implementing integrated strategies to promote the importance of intellectual property (IP) both at the state level and inside the Beltway. To this end, Parks engages [...]

Mizsei, Kálmán

Kálmán Mizsei Dr. Kálmán Mizsei was the Head of Mission for the European Union Advisory Mission on Civilian Security Sector Reform in Ukraine in 2014-15. Between 20011 and 2013 he served as the Chairman of the Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma Integration at the Open Society Foundations, supporting George Soros’ effort [...]

Karagiannis, Giannis

Giannis Karagiannis Mr. Karagiannis Giannis the general manager of Karagiannis group. Our objective is real estate services, as well as building, constructing, renovating and energy upgrading, along with furnishing and decorating residential and commercial spaces.

Kolovos, Konstantinos

Konstantinos Kolovos Konstantinos Kolovos holds two degrees in Business Administration and Emotional Intelligence in Business. As an administrative professional with 22 years of experience he has built his career in a variety of roles and industries, in medium sized companies and also in a multinational real estate leader. The last 13 years as a real [...]

Praus, Alfred F.

Alfred F. Praus Alfred F. Praus is Austrian citizen with an MBA-degree from Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna. He has spent 25 years in worldwide industry and engineering business, thereof 10 years in top management (RHI-group, Waagner-Biro). In 2005 he started business of his own in Ukraine, founding and managing two companies: one in Western Ukraine [...]

Kukić, Zoja

Zoja Kukić Zoja Kukić is cofounder and Board Member of Startit and SEE ICT, nonprofit dedicated to empower local tech and startup scene. With seven centers across Serbia and two online platforms, the organisation reaches more than 60.000 people every month and provides education, information and networking on technology, design and entrepreneurship. Zoja is 28 [...]

Fichtinger, Markus

Markus Fichtinger He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Vienna and an MA in Tax Management from the University of Applied Sciences FH Campus Wien. He was a scholar at the post-graduate-program „Quantitative Finance“ at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) in Vienna. He gained more than 12 years of managerial [...]

Bessard, Pierre

Pierre Bessard Pierre Bessard is President and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Liberal Institute in Geneva and Zurich. Bessard is Alumnus of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the Foundation for Economic Education. His educational background are economic studies with concentration in finance in New York and Shanghai. Bessard main research areas [...]